Our mission is to increase awareness of the game of Go in Cyprus and build a strong Go community.

Sotiris scores 3 victories and gets 45th position

Sotiris Ioannides (1 kyu) has successfully represented Cyprus in the 31st WAGC that took place in Hangzhou city in China on 24-31 May 2010. Refer to the official site. You can also read updates on RANKA online (the bulletin of the International Go Federation ) where the final results are also posted.

Spring Online Knock-out Handicap Go Tournament on KGS

The Spring tournament has been completed. You can view the tournament draw/final results.

You can also view/replay the games of the tournament from our site.

The purpose of the tournament is to increase the Go playing activity of Cypriot players. It is organised as follows:

  • There are 16 places available for Cypriot Go players to compete.

Friendship Go Tournament Results

The Friendship Go Tournament was held on the weekend 20-21 March 2010. The results are as follows:

Main Category
1. Dimitris Regginos (1d)
2. Nicholas Roussos (4k)
3. Argyris Fellas (5k)

Under 18
1. Andreas Papageorgiou (8k)
2. Phedias Christodoulides (11k)
3. George Varnavides (10k)

Under 13
1. Christoforos Kassianides (20k)
2. Orfeas Kalamenios (20k)
3. Lilia Regginou (20k)

Go in Politis Newspaper today

Following a visit by Michalis Stavrou, reporter at Politis Newspaper, at Oktana last Saturday, he wrote an extensive article on Go, with excellent coverage in today's newspaper (Wednesday, 9 December, 2009).

Refer to the newspaper link for the article and note that in the print and PDF version colour photos are included. A full page was dedicated to Go and picture and summary were included on the cover page!

We thank Michalis for his initiative to assist publicity of this beautiful game.

Cyprus Go Championship 2009

The Cyprus Go Championship and the Cyprus Youth Go Championship (under 13) were held over the weekend with decent success. Winners are as follows:

Main tournament: 1. Dimitris Regginos (1dan), 2. Giannis Kassinopoulos (4k), 3. Thomas Gaebler (4k).
Youth tournament: 1. Lilia Regginou (25k), 2. Charalambos Mavrommatis (25k), 3. Nika Regginou (25k).


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