Our mission is to increase awareness of the game of Go in Cyprus and build a strong Go community.

Spring 2011 Online Knock-out Handicap Go Tournament on KGS

Round 1 starts on 9 March 2011, at 9pm (GMT+2). Pairings will be announced shortly.

The purpose of the tournament is to increase the Go playing activity of Cypriot players. It is organised as follows:

* There are 16 places available for Cypriot Go players to compete (for 2011 this was opened up to The Cyprus Room friends, in order to fill all 16 spots).
* Each player must play with a nickname that has a solid rating, and at least 5 Rated games in the 2 months preceding the start date.
* Players need to register by sending email to nroussos@gmail.com by 7/3/2011.

Friendship Go Tournament on 19-20 March

The Friendship Go Tournament will be held on 19-20 March at Parnassos Strovolou. More details will be published as they become available.

Argyris Fellas wins 2/7 in Korea

Argyris Fellas (3k) scored 2 victories in the Korea Prime Minister Cup in Korea and got 56th place out of 68 countries.

Cyprus to join Pandanet European Team Go Championship

The Cyprus Go Association is in the process of selecting a team of at least 6 players (and max. 12) to play in the Pandanet European Team Go Championship. There will be one game per month, and the tournament is played on Pandanet on the internet.

Players who showed interest so far:
1. Dimitris Regginos (1 dan)
2. Nurman Aylanc (1 kyu)
3. Argyris Fellas (3 kyu)
4. Marios Kyranides (1 kyu)
5. Theodoulos Papatheodoulou (3k)
6. Nicholas Roussos (3 kyu)
7. Giannis Kassinopoulos (3 k)
8. Alexandros Hadjixenophontos (4k)
9. Christos Dubart (4k)
10. Phedias Christodoulides (6 kyu)

Cyprus Go Championship 20-21 November

The Cyprus Go Championship took place at the new ESOBGA club houseon 20-21 November 2010. Below are the results:

1st place: Dimitris Regginos (1 dan)
2nd place: Argyris Fellas (3 kyu)
3rd place: Nurman Aylanc (1 kyu)

Alexandre Dinerchtein (3p) in Cyprus

Alexandre Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional of the Korean Baduk(Go) Association and 7-time European Go champion joined our Club meeting on Saturday, 2nd October 2010. He gave a simultaneous game with 7 players and his score was 4-3.

The results were as follows (indicating result for Alexandre in brackets).

Argyris Fellas on 2 handicap (won)
Nicholas Roussos on 3 handicap (won)
Ogun on 9 handicap (won)
Nicholas Mavreas on 9 handicap (won)
Nurman Aylanc on 4 handicap (lost)
Zinkoo on 6 handicap (lost)
Phedias Christodoulides on 9 handicap (lost)

Japan Week in Cyprus

The Japanese Empassy in Greece in collaboration with the University of Nicosia and others, is organising the Japan week 21-27 October in Cyprus, to commemorate the 50 years of friendly relations between the two countries.

We will have a presentation of Go, being a traditional Japanese game, on Friday 23rd October at 17:00 at the new Architecture Department Building of University of Nicosia (31 Michael Giorgalla Street, Engomi).

Looking for Chinese wei-qi players in Cyprus

目前我们正在塞浦路斯招募围棋选手。 请愿意加入我们协会的人员通过电子邮件或电话的方式联系我们。

Committee 2010-2012

The new committee of the CGA for 2010-2012 is as follows:

Dimitris Regginos - President
Argyris Fellas - Vice-President
Nicholas Roussos - Secretary
Marilena Christofides - Treasurer
Marios Koudounias - Member
Panayiotis Papadopoulos - Member

Congratulations to the members of the committee for their election, and we wish them all the best in their duties.

Sotiris scores 3 victories and gets 45th position

Sotiris Ioannides (1 kyu) has successfully represented Cyprus in the 31st WAGC that took place in Hangzhou city in China on 24-31 May 2010. Refer to the official site. You can also read updates on RANKA online (the bulletin of the International Go Federation ) where the final results are also posted.


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