Our mission is to increase awareness of the game of Go in Cyprus and build a strong Go community.

Spring Go Tournament

The Cyprus Go Association is organising a day tournament on Saturday
18 March at the Cyprus - China Art, Culture and Education Centre, in
Nicosia (3 Pente Pigadion, 1076 Nicosia):

This is an open McMahon tournament, with 4 rounds played as follows:

10:00 - 11:30 Round 1
11:30 - 13:00 Round 2
14:00-15:30 Round 3
15:30 - 17:00 Round 4

Japanese rules with 30 minutes thinking time and 3 periods of 30
seconds byo yomi. The tournament is planned as an EGF Class C
tournament, and results will be submitted to be included in the EGF

Cyprus Go Championship 2016

The Cyprus Go Championship will be on the weekend 22-23 October. It will be a 5-round McMahon tournament and will take place at Arabica Cafe, Perikleous 62, Strovolos 2021, Cyprus. Please pre-register by email to info@cyprus-go.org, to allow us to better organise the event. Participation fee: €10

Saturday 22 October
Registration 9:30-10:00
Round 1 - 10:30-12:00
Round 2 - 13:00 - 14:3010
Round 3 - 15:00-16:30

Sunday 23 October
Round 4 - 10:30 - 12:00
Round 5 - 13:00 - 14:30
Award ceremony - 15:00 - 15:30

Confucius Institute Go Cup

The CGA is organising Confucius Institute Go Cup Tournament on 23rd May, with the support of Confucius Institute at University of Cyprus. This will be a 4-round single-day tournament and will take place at the University of Cyprus campus, in Room 101, SFC-03 (click for map with the building marked).

Registration is free, and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players. Pre-registration is recommended, by contacting info@cyprus-go.org or 99316864.



In order to promote GO CGA is organizing a ladder tournament.

The rules are as follows,

1. The initial ranking is based on EGF ratings, as posted on www.europeangodatabase.eu as at the start of the ladder games.
2. Anyone can join the ladder at any given time (a new joiner is placed at the bottom of the ladder)
3. A game is initiated by a person challenging someone in a better position of the ladder
4. If the challenger wins the game he moves to the position of the challenged, pushing the challenged and anyone below by one position down

Go workshop @UCY

The Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Cyprus Go Association (CGA), are organising a presentation/workshop with the theme "Discover Go: the game for a lifetime". The workshop will be held at Wed 25th Feb 2015 @ Room 010, Building 7, new campus UCY

Members of CGA will give a presentation and explain the rules of Go. The participants will then have a chance to play the game.
For Participation please contact: confucius@ucy.ac.cy before 22th Feb.

Results of Cyprus Go Championship 2014

Nicholas Roussons wins the 2014 Go Championship. The Championship tournament held at Ugbar on 22-23 of November 2014. Nicholas wins all his 5 games. The 2nd place was taken by Nurman Aylach with 4 wins losing only to Nicholas at 4rth round. The 3rd place was taken by Dimitris Katsouris.

A Total of 7 players participate in the tournament. Defending Champion Dimitris Regginos did not participate due other unexpected obligation.

Cyprus Go Championship at 22-23 November 2014 at Uqbar

The Cyprus Go Championship will be on the weekend 22-23 November. It will be a 5-round McMahon tournament and will take place at Oktana/Uqbar, 6 Aristides Street, Nicosia. Please pre-register by email to info@cyprus-go.org, to allow us to better organise the event.

Saturday 22 November
Registration 10:00-10:45
Round 1 - 11:30-13:00
Round 2 - 14:00 - 15:30
Round 3 - 16:00-17:30

Demetris Regginos wins Cyprus Championship

The Cyprus Go Championship was held on weekend 11-12 January 2014. On the first round Zinkoo Han defeated Demetris Regginos, the defending champion, and at the end of day 1 Nurman Aylanc was leading with 3 wins, undefeated.

On the second day Demetris Regginos won against Nurman Aylanc in round 4 and the two players had 3 wins each. In the final, decisive round, Demetris Regginos and Nurman Aylanc played against Sotiris Ioannides and Argyris Fellas respectively, two players who had 2 wins each.

Cyprus Go Championship Anouncement

Cyprus Go championship will be held on weekend 11-12 January 2014.

This is an open 5-round McMahon tournament, and it will take place at the clubhouse of ESOBGA, the English School Old Boys and Girls Association.
There will be 3 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday. Round 1 will start not later than 11 am on Saturday, and more information about the times will be sent out soon.
All players must be registered and be physically at the venue by 10:30 am on Saturday.

34th WAGC: Argyris Fellas in Sendai, Japan

Argyris Fellas (1k) is in Japan, to represent Cyprus in the 34th World Amateur Go Championship, taking place in Sendai. Check out the info at http://ranka.intergofed.org. We wish Argyris to play well and enjoy the Championship.


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