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In order to promote GO CGA is organizing a ladder tournament.

The rules are as follows,

1. The initial ranking is based on EGF ratings, as posted on as at the start of the ladder games.
2. Anyone can join the ladder at any given time (a new joiner is placed at the bottom of the ladder)
3. A game is initiated by a person challenging someone in a better position of the ladder
4. If the challenger wins the game he moves to the position of the challenged, pushing the challenged and anyone below by one position down
5. Games can be played whenever the two players agree
6. Games on KGS are also accepted
7. No two consecutive ladder games between the same players should be played
8. Results should be reported as soon as possible either in person or by email. Required information includes: date and time of the game, name of the winner, name of the opponent, who was black

According to Rule 1 the initial placing is

1. Dimitris Regginos - 1d
2. Argyris Fellas - 2k
3. Nicholas Roussos - 3k
4. Phedias Christodoulides - 3k
5. Alexandros Hadjixenophontos - 4k
6. Marios Koudounias - 9k
7. Nika Regginou - 10k
8. Alexander Yarnykh - 12k
9. Joylon Kay - 17K