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Demetris Regginos wins Cyprus Championship

The Cyprus Go Championship was held on weekend 11-12 January 2014. On the first round Zinkoo Han defeated Demetris Regginos, the defending champion, and at the end of day 1 Nurman Aylanc was leading with 3 wins, undefeated.

On the second day Demetris Regginos won against Nurman Aylanc in round 4 and the two players had 3 wins each. In the final, decisive round, Demetris Regginos and Nurman Aylanc played against Sotiris Ioannides and Argyris Fellas respectively, two players who had 2 wins each.

Demetris Regginos managed to win and with the win of Argyris Fellas over Nurman Aylanc, he managed to defend his Championship. Nurman Aylanc and Argyris Fellas came second and third respectively with 3 wins each with Nurman Aylanc having better SOS (Sum of Opponents Score).

There were 14 people who participated in the championship this year. The final wall list is available on the European Go Database at