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Learn how to play!

  • Become a member of the Cyprus Go Association by returning the membership application form.
  • "The Interactive Way to Go" - An excellent tutorial to learn from scratch!
  • "GoChild" - A nice application with loads of examples. Seems useful when you wish to teach kids.
  • "The Fun Way to Learn Go" - A simple tutorial with lots of background information, by the Nihon Ki-in (Japan Go Association). Perhaps ideal to teach kids.
  • "An introduction to Go" - An illustrated introduction to Go, produced by Andreas Fecke and translated to Greek.
  • "A Beginner's Introduction to Go" [PDF] - A translation of Bates' text in Greek by George Gozadinos
  • "A Go Guide from a Beginner" - A book available for free in Greek and English, by Greek Go player Haris Kapolos. The book covers introductory, but also some more advanced aspects of the game.

General information

Computer programs and apps

Internet Go


  • Joseki Dictionary - Online Joseki Dictionary
  • Go Problems - A database of various Go problems for all levels
  • Tsumego collections - Contains some nice go problem collections in PDF.
  • Go Base - A site you can use for studying Go and reviewing professional games
  • Audio Go Lessons - Pre-prepared lectures by Guo Juan's Go School (1 euro each)
  • Korean-style Insei League on KGS - started by Korean professionals
  • Go game Lessons - Baduk(Weiqi) lessons by A.Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional
  • Go4Go Database - Large collection of Go game records, daily updates, commentaries by A.Dinerchtein and Go forum
  • BadukMovies - Library of 10-minute videos, planned to be updated on a weekly basis. Each episode zooms in on different go topic: tesuji, joseki, fuseki, endgame, life & death, trick plays, special pro-players.
  • Download our kifu (game record) so you can review and study your games