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Cyprus to join Pandanet European Team Go Championship

The Cyprus Go Association is in the process of selecting a team of at least 6 players (and max. 12) to play in the Pandanet European Team Go Championship. There will be one game per month, and the tournament is played on Pandanet on the internet.

Players who showed interest so far:
1. Dimitris Regginos (1 dan)
2. Nurman Aylanc (1 kyu)
3. Argyris Fellas (3 kyu)
4. Marios Kyranides (1 kyu)
5. Theodoulos Papatheodoulou (3k)
6. Nicholas Roussos (3 kyu)
7. Giannis Kassinopoulos (3 k)
8. Alexandros Hadjixenophontos (4k)
9. Christos Dubart (4k)
10. Phedias Christodoulides (6 kyu)
11. Marios Koudounias (9 kyu)
12. Nikolas Mavreas (9 kyu)

In summary the highlights of the coming championship follow:

a) Teams compete, minimum 6 and maximum 12 players per team, in matches on 4 boards (= jigo possible)
b) Nominated team is unchanged for the whole season, no transferlist, no hiring and firing
b) 8 teams in the first league, maybe up to 10 in the second league. Third league ?
c) One team per country - team-members must have the citizenship of the country they represent
d) Teams are open for amateurs and professionals
e) Round Robin systems, one game a month
f) Thinking-time 60 min, canadian byoyomi 15 moves in 5 minutes, 6.5 Komi
g) An order per team must be fixed according to the EGD-Ratinglist available on Nov 5th 2010
h) Order keeps unchanged till end of July 2011
i) 7th round of league 1 will be played in May 2011
k) Top 4 teams of league 1 will be invited to play half-finals and finals at the congress in Bordeaux, on July 23rd and 24th
l) Prizemoney 10.000 Euro all over (only Top 4 teams can win money)
m) Fixed schedule when to play (latest), maximum 7 days earlier is possible (= games on max. 8 different days per month)