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Alexandre Dinerchtein (3p) in Cyprus

Alexandre Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional of the Korean Baduk(Go) Association and 7-time European Go champion joined our Club meeting on Saturday, 2nd October 2010. He gave a simultaneous game with 7 players and his score was 4-3.

The results were as follows (indicating result for Alexandre in brackets).

Argyris Fellas on 2 handicap (won)
Nicholas Roussos on 3 handicap (won)
Ogun on 9 handicap (won)
Nicholas Mavreas on 9 handicap (won)
Nurman Aylanc on 4 handicap (lost)
Zinkoo on 6 handicap (lost)
Phedias Christodoulides on 9 handicap (lost)

Alexandre also teaches Go online ( His biggest online project is the Korean-style Insei League on KGS: