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Spring Online Knock-out Handicap Go Tournament on KGS

The Spring tournament has been completed. You can view the tournament draw/final results.

You can also view/replay the games of the tournament from our site.

The purpose of the tournament is to increase the Go playing activity of Cypriot players. It is organised as follows:

  • There are 16 places available for Cypriot Go players to compete.
  • Each player must play with a nickname that has a solid rating, and at least 5 Rated games in the past 2 months (i.e. 1/3/2010-30/4/2010).
  • Players need to register by sending email to by 1/5/2010.
  • In case that registrations exceed 16, the organiser will select the top 16, based on KGS rating and win:loss ratio in the last 5 rated games played on KGS.
  • The winner of each game proceeds to the next round.
  • The tournament will be completed in 4 weeks (1 round per week).
  • The organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and/or change the dates of the games, including the final, in an effort to refine/improve the tournament for all participants.
  • Games will start at the same time, and will be played on week days, starting at 9pm Cyprus time.
  • Handicaps will be according to KGS ratings, thus decided by the server automatically
  • Each player must type "Cyprus knock-out tournament" before Move 1.
  • Each player has 25 mins main time and 5 periods 20 seconds byo yomi.
  • A player not logged on at the agreed start time on the date of the game, is automatically disqualified (i.e. loses the game).