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Knock-out Tournament Registered players

Below is the draw of the players who have registered for the tournament, separated in groups. Winner of group 1 plays winner of group 2, and winner of group 3 plays winner of group 4 to determine the players who will play in the final. Also refer to the pdf version of the draw.

First round is to be played on Tuesday, 11/5/2010, starting at 9pm. If for any reason you cannot play on the agreed date time, you must agree a date with your opponent to complete the game by Sunday 16/5/2010, and notify the organiser of the date on 99316864 the soonest.

Round 1

    Group 1
  1. Marios Kyranides (pagapont 1k) vs Panayiotis Papadopoulos (panayiotis 11k) 1-0
  2. George Varnavides (Marambou 9k) vs Nikolas Mavreas (NMavreas 17k) 0-1
  3. Group 2

  4. Nicholas Roussos (roussos 4k) vs Bye
  5. Giannis Kassinopoulos (??? 4k) vs Bye
  6. Group 3

  7. Dimitris Regginos (regginos 1d) vs Bye
  8. Alexandros Hadjixenophontos (Metal4ever 4k) vs Bye
  9. Group 4

  10. Argyris Fellas (Ananda 4k) vs Phedias Christodoulides (Phedias 10k) 0-1
  11. Christos Dubart (nodoupt 7k) vs Marios Koudounias (koudounias 11k) 1-0


  1. Marios Kyranides (pagapont 1k) vs Nikolas Mavreas (NMavreas 17k) 1-0
  2. Nicholas Roussos (roussos 4k) vs Giannis Kassinopoulos (??? 4k) 1-0

  3. Dimitris Regginos (regginos 1d) vs Alexandros Hadjixenophontos (Metal4ever 4k) 1-0
  4. Christos Dubart (nodoupt 7k) vs Phedias Christodoulides (Phedias 10k) 0-1

Semi Final

  1. Marios Kyranides (pagapont 1k) vs Nicholas Roussos (roussos 4k) 0-1
  2. Dimitris Regginos (regginos 1d) vs Phedias Christodoulides (Phedias 10k) 1-0


  1. Dimitris Regginos (regginos 1d) vs Nicholas Roussos (roussos 4k)

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